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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Training is only available for members in good standing with the union. This means all monthly dues are paid up to the current date and are not behind more than two months. To put your name forward for training please visit the "Book Courses Online" tab, email OR call the Training Centre at (709) 753-8220.

How do I take courses? 

When are courses scheduled? 

Please refer to the "Book Courses Online" tab on this site where you will find all current course offerings. Courses are usually scheduled on a month to month basis based upon the interest of members in a geographical area. If you do not see courses scheduled in an area convenient for you please complete the online request form, contact the Union Office at (709) 726-6256, or the Training Centre at (709) 753-8220. 

How do I know when I need courses? 

It is each and every members responsibility to ensure all training is up to date. You will not be contacted to complete a course once your course(s) expire. Once you complete a course you will receive proof of completion that will have the course and expiry date included, this is what will need to be presented to the company once dispatched for work. You can check what courses are on file for you by scanning the QR code on your training card or logging into your member profile by clicking the "Member Login" tab located at the top of this page. 

How do I get the new training card?

The new training cards require a member photo in order to be printed. Therefore, if you have not received your new card we do not have a photo on file for you. Once we have a photo your new training card will be printed and mailed out to the address we have on file for you. 

You can provide a photo (this is just a head shot similar to one found on a drivers licence) through email with your name as the subject line to local1208training@gmail.comOR visit the Union Office/Training Centre and have it taken for you. 


On the back of the new training card you will see a QR code (sample pictured below)  which can be scanned with a Smartphone or Tablet. Please find detailed instructions to walk you through in the PDF file below. 

How do I check what courses I have with the new training card? 

Will I be reimbursed for courses that I have paid for? 

Course reimbursement does not occur all the time. If you are in a circumstance where you may need to pay for a course, you MUST call ahead to the union hall to get approval for the course reimbursement. The union does NOT automatically reimburse for all courses that you have taken. 


You will not be reimbursed immediately upon completion of a course, reimbursement cheques are prepared once a month. Once you have filled out an expense claim form (see attachment below), signed and submitted the sheet, the cheque will be mailed out. You can submit the expense claim form with your receipts through:


Fax:               (709) 726-6517


Mail:              P.O.Box 1872

                        St. John's, NL      A1C 5R4  


Union Hall:  18 Craig Dobbin's Way         

                        St. John's, NL       A1A 4Y3


Click for Training Expense Claim Form

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